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Manufacture of micron nickel wire ДКРНТ-0,025-КТ-НП2, НП1, НП0 (GOST 2179-75) and micron wire from gold, silver and alloys based on them. GOST 7222-2014

Ten micron nickel wire - ready to conquer the world market

Since this year, our company has established the production of 0.01 mm of micron wire DKRNT 0.01 kt np1, (ie wire 10 microns). Products of this nature are very rare and the use of such a nickel wire in electronics and other industries is scanty. Nickel wire ДКРНТ 0,01 now begins its life in the financial sphere. As a monetization, as a guaranteed banking product, as a system of pledge and allocation, and withdrawal of funds. Micron nickel wire of 10 microns has not yet won its specific market, but it is not far off. On the London stock market of rare metals, such a wire is 0.010 mm. , Is already beginning to gain momentum. Last year there was only talk about such wire, now there are real consumers and there is a growth of offers on the possibility of acquisition. At the moment, orders for large volumes are rare. But even a kilogram of this wire is ten times more expensive than nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 kt np2. All because of the production technology, the equipment for production above the specified wire is very expensive and the technology itself is the most complicated. Our company is already ready today to accept orders for the production of micron wire 10 microns. So gentlemen, there is already nickel wire DKRNT 0.01 kt np1, corresponding to GOST 2179-75. Wait for your offers.

Nickel wire brand DKRNT 0.025 kt np1, as the capitalization of funds.

In the broadest sense, capitalization is the transformation of funds into additional capital, making a profit or increasing the amount of own funds.
Approaches to this topic are quite a lot. Everyone knows that when assessing an enterprise or organization, not only the presence of capital in accounts, means of labor, means of production, but also all assets, investments and dividends are taken into account.
So one of the so-called investments or assets is a micron nickel wire with a diameter of 25 microns and a chemical composition of 99.98%. In Russia, such products are nickel wire of DKRNT brand 0,025 kt np1.
What's the secret?
It seems that nickel in the whole world is not deficit and compared to gold, for example, it costs a lot cheaper. But it turns out, not always!
One example, in the catalog of pure metals, the foreign company Alfa Aesar, one meter of gold wire 0.025 mm with a purity of 99.98% (in the catalog under the number 40585) costs 60 £, and nickel wire (there under number 40672) of the same diameter is 240 £. It turns out nickel is four times more expensive than gold.
In Russia, gold wire of this diameter and purity is not found, but under the order, it will cost about 10,000 rubles per 1 meter, this is the minimum. A nickel wire can be found and will cost 9-10 rubles per meter.
Mikron wire from nickel in production, in Russia is a thousand times cheaper than the production of gold wire. And this is due to the fact that gold is softer than nickel and, when drawing a gold wire, costs one to ten, while drawing nickel, the consumption is less, of the order of one to four. Those. With four kilograms of a 0.2 mm diameter nickel roll, one kilogram of nickel wire of 0.025 mm is obtained. Let's finish the math, let's draw conclusions.
And the conclusion is simple:
- The price of one meter of nickel wire is 0.025mm, quality is 99.98%, in Russia - 10 rubles.
- The price of one meter of nickel wire is 0.025mm, quality is 99.98%, in Europe - 240 pounds sterling.
Let's return to capitalization.
I bought a "bourgeois" in Russia such a wire for 1 million pounds sterling, and in his own country, he had 240 times more funds. Yes, if in Russia this wire cost 1 pound, and so, in relation to the rudder to pound rate, it is also cheaper, 70 times. He is no longer a millionaire, but a billionaire.
So, you want to be a millionaire in Europe, buy nickel wire in Russia.

Nickel nuclear battery

Domestic scientists have developed a completely new technology to create a "nuclear batteries", energy conversion of beta radiation from Nickel-63 into electrical energy on the basis of the isotope Nickel-63. The invention can be attributed not just to create batteries, and create a miniature nuclear generator AC voltage to a very long service life. The process of beta decay used here can be called nuclear but despite this he is not radioactive. Such a generator the size of a normal pill has great potential, the service life of such batteries over 50 years. And operating temperature range (-100), (+ 200) degrees Celsius. And scope of such generators-batteries is very high.
Today the high price because of the isotope Nickel-63. Which is produced at the enterprises of "Rosatom" Nickel purity of the chemical composition of 99.99%, and the cost for one gram of the obtained isotope is about half a million rubles. To create the batteries needed one milligram of the product. When released for mass production, respectively, such an item will cost you cheap.
At the moment, one kilogram of Nickel wire, LLC "Nanometal " quality 99.99% (all metal basis), to obtain the isotope Nickel-63 is 100 thousand euros. Nickel wire of brand DKRNT 0.025 kt NP1 GOST 2179-75, with a stable isotope than 3% is ideal for these purposes.
No one even could not imagine that the isotope Ni-63 will go to the food sources. By the way, Ni-63 half-life is 85 years old, radiation of soft beta with an energy of 0.63 MeV. Delayed almost a sheet of paper.
In pulsed mode one beta - voltaic element capable of producing power up to 1 mW/cm3. At low specific energy capacity of the battery material collected on them, are able to provide a continuous output power of 10-100 NW/cm3 is sufficient to provide power to a cardiac implant.

Our company in 2012 began the production of micron wire with a nickel content of 99.99%

The company NANOMETAL  LLC has entered a new stage of development in the production of special nickel-nickel wire with a nickel content of 99.99% Ni (the nickel wire has a nickel wire grade of m4N according to the ALFA Finest Inorganic Research Chemicals and Metals Catalog of Johnson Matthey), calculated as The difference between 100% and the total content of limited impurities throughout the metal base.
In the world market of manufacturers in the field of production of micron nickel wire of special purity, products with nickel content of 99.99% Ni (with the total content of limited impurities throughout the metal base), our company occupies a leading position.
At the moment, our Company produces 5,000 (five thousand) grams per month, nickel micron wire with a nickel content of 99.99% Ni.
The company NANOMETAL LLC applies advanced technology in the production of nickel micron wire and guarantees an ideally round wire shape and micron diameter accuracy.
In 2012, the management of our company decided to modernize production equipment and improve the technological process. The result of this decision was the appearance on the market of a micron wire of special purity of a new product - a nickel wire with nickel content of Ni 99.99%.
Innovations or innovations are characteristic for professional activities. Innovations by themselves do not arise, they are the result of scientific research and best practices, in the form of accumulation of information, individual professionals and entire groups. This process can not be spontaneous, it needs management, it is the merit of our Manager of the group of companies Kokoev Vyacheslav, who realized the need to use innovative technologies capable, on the one hand, to ensure a sufficiently high quality of nickel wire, and on the other - to reduce the cost of production , Which beneficially affected the sales market.
The problem of introduction of advanced technologies is associated with a large expenditure of financial resources, the main goal is to enter the world market of highly pure materials with a new product, it is a unique product that has no analogues in the world.
The result of our production activities was the work with a large state customer. Knowledge and the main ability to apply the latest achievements in the field of production of micron wire, the availability of our own material and technical resources, gives us the opportunity to go ahead in the market of extremely pure materials in the field of production of micron wire.
Only such a high level of quality of the products offered by us provides unique advantages in the market of extremely pure materials

Nickel wire is more expensive than gold.
The dispute lost that 0,025 mm nickel wire costs 3 times in Europe, and in the UK it is 4 times more expensive than gold. Whatever the nickel, it can not cost more, especially with the same parameters, I thought. It's not any exotic, or anything, but a typical nickel wire with a diameter of 0.025 mm, yes, a fine one and that. In order not to be unfounded, go to the Alfa Aesar-catalog of pure metals (, you will see for yourself. So I lost the argument.
Why is that? So I started on the Internet to look for the answer to my question. I will not tell you a lot of information. This is not the whole trick. When you look at prices, it seems to be nothing special; Nickel costs about 100 euro / meter, and gold is 30 euro / meter. Not immediately realizing that the "meter" wire is thick in human hair.
And now let's calculate how much this nickel wire of this diameter (0.025 mm) will cost. There is a formula by which all this can be calculated, and so it turns out that in one (one) gram of nickel wire with a diameter of 25 microns (0.025 mm) - 227.273 meters. Accordingly, 1 (one) kilogram of 227,273 meters of wire. Get, 1 (one) kilogram of nickel wire 0,025 mm worth, 22,727,300 euros (in the catalog Alfa Aesar). In Russia, such wire, the purity of nickel is 99.98% worth, about 1,500,000 rubles. This is 1000 times less than in Europe. That's where the freebie! A! Take to Europe, and even better to the UK and be a millionaire.
Information from Europe was more difficult to obtain. First, you need your own certificate for wire (such as SGS-the world-famous certification center). Russian manufacturers sell with certificates GIREDMET, there such certificates do not pass. And certification in SGS costs somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 euros. Yes, and this is okay, but to sell or find a buyer even half the price, for the money, is very difficult.
There are many schemes where you can earn or raise money on this wire. All the subtleties of the case did not work out until the end, and my excitement was diminished, as it can be done abroad, we do not have, and so on. But what I dug up, I will state.
First, where the micron nickel wire is 0.025 mm. Lead, is the use of wire as a "financial instrument," this is a scheme of investing funds obtained when assessing not very liquid, but very significant capital. In our case, this is nickel wire. Evaluation, too, is not worth a small money, in IGAS this service is worth about 20,000 euros. And therefore they buy wire in large quantities, 20, 30, or even 100 kilograms. The scheme is simple, after evaluation, in partner programs this amount is accepted with a discount of 40-50%. Even so, and still profitable.
Second, there are commercial banks in Europe that, according to the documents of the estimated value of nickel wire, clean, where Ni-99.98% and above, issue a loan against this product. But for this, the wire must be placed in the storage room, pay storage, then open an account in this bank and on this account there must be an amount for the maintenance of the account, not a small one I will tell you, I found out.
Another option is to use the acquisition of nickel wire. This option does not have a much different approach. Legalization of income. Acquired nickel wire in Russia, transported to Europe, received a certificate SGS, evaluated and sold, as it were. ...
... - and where do you have so much money?
- Yes, nickel wire sold, at 100 euros per meter.
In Iran, there is a lot of cash in dollars, they do not have cash settlements in dollars, because of the US embargo, and the export of currency from the country is banned. The bank does not carry, the conversion is not profitable, where did it take? And here, - I've sold the nickel wire. There are a lot of options for working with micron nickel wire and for each case its approach, and which option is most not well understood. Many subtleties and features due to little information in this area.

      In case of your interest, we are ready to start negotiations and discuss working conditions.
In addition to the production itself, our company conducts marketing research on nickel micron wire. If you are interested in becoming our partner and building mutually beneficial cooperation, we will be happy to provide you with any information that you need.
To make an order and buy a wire, just call or send us a letter. You can also come to our office and get detailed advice.
Our company arranges the delivery of nickel micron wire to any regions of Russia, the CIS and abroad.


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