Nickel wire NP2 DKRNT 0025, NP1 Supply of micron wire from nickel, gold, silver, platinum and their alloys. Steel-copper wire for products with maximum loads, VEB-2 diameter 0.140mm.

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Nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 "Ni 99.70-99.85%" and nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 "Ni 99.86-99.96%", is always available in the volume of 50-100 kg ..
Micron nickel wire of special purity is higher than "Ni 99.97%", more than 100 kg. We make to order. In the presence of up to 30 kg there is always.

In Europe, the catalog of pure metals (Alfa Aesar) under number 40672 we look at the price.

Production of nickel wire NP1 and NP2

The capacity of our production allows us to always have a stock of nickel wire, about 250 kg. in assortment.

Production of micron wire from precious metal

Production of micron wire GOST 7222-2014 (Wire made of gold, silver and their alloys)

Micron bimetallic steel-copper wire

We produce a thin wire with a large discontinuous gain

  The main activity of the company is the production of micron wire with subsequent implementation. Simply put, this is the production of a micron wire by drawing a thick wire to a thinner wire, for example up to 20 microns. Also in this process, the produced micron wire is chemically cleaned. Our company has achieved production of nickel micron wire DKRNT 0.025 with a purity of 99.99%. Although the production of micron wire is quite expensive and time-consuming, but we always have nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1, about 100 kg. price. All the products manufactured by our company have certificates of chemical composition, which is the main characteristic of the quality of products corresponding to GOST 2179-75. Certification is carried out by JSC GIREDMET, a leading research organization specializing in materials of rare metals and alloys, nanomaterials and high-purity substances. Nickel wire 0.025 mm., The most demanded micron wire from this series, in Europe such nickel wire with the purity of chemical composition is equal to 99.98, the price is about 15000 euros per 1 gram, we have this price much lower.
Our company LLC "NANOMETAL" has signed contracts for the supply of nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 to Europe, This product is in demand on the European and Russian markets.

The company "NANOMETAL" Ltd. conducted marketing research and analytical reviews in Europe on studying the market of nickel wire, which showed interest in this type of products of the company of large manufacturing and financial institutions of Germany, Switzerland and England. "NANOMETAL" LLC made a decision: to come up with a proposal on cooperation with entrepreneurs in these countries to expand the sales market for nickel wire and accompany transactions. In the first week after the publication of the Proposal, 10 foreign companies ready to purchase the products of  NANOMETAL  LLC responded to it. All of them were sent the reasons for this project and the contracts. In Germany, we opened a representative office of the company, which directly works with customers on the ground.

"NANOMETAL " LLC has developed a definite strategy for the development of business, business in the production and subsequent sale of its products. As a rule, the buyer purchasing a nickel wire 0.025 mm. Or another, does not quite represent the whole further process of action. Our company, as a company operating in this field for many years, will be obliged to help clarify and consult in this matter and help in case of export supply of nickel wire NP to Europe.

In the current economic situation, export deliveries of nickel wire of DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 are important for us to ensure the loading of our production capacities. We are sure that cooperation with us will give an additional impulse to long-term and mutually beneficial relations between our companies.
The company "Nanometall" plans to enter into long-term contracts for the supply of nickel wire of DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 GOST 2179-75 "Wire made of nickel and siliceous nickel. Specifications ", GOST 492-2006" Nickel, nickel and copper-nickel alloys, processed by pressure. Marks "to Germany, Switzerland, England, India, China and South Korea.

Nickel wire 0.025 price for it and nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2, depends on the cleanliness of wire NP2. The DKRNT wire is classified by the subsequent formation of NP1 0.025 or DKRNT 0.025. Buy nickel wire is not difficult, if you know and understand. Price nickel wire depends on the chemical cleanliness of the wire NP2 wire DKRNT, if the wire NP2 in which the purity of 99.7% price is one, then the nickel wire with a purity of 99.9% price will be 4 or even 5 times higher. And if you are going to buy a nickel wire, pay first of all on this characteristic (for the chemical purity of Ni).

Since this year, our company has established the production of 0.01 mm of micron wire DKRNT 0.01 kt np1, (ie wire 10 microns). Products of this nature are very rare and the use of such a nickel wire in electronics and other industries is scanty. Nickel wire ДКРНТ 0,01 now begins its life in the financial sphere. As a monetization, as a guaranteed banking product, as a system of pledge and allocation, and withdrawal of funds. Micron nickel wire of 10 microns has not yet won its specific market, but it is not far off. On the London stock market of rare metals, such a wire is 0.010 mm. , Is already beginning to gain momentum. Last year there was only talk about such wire, now there are real consumers and there is a growth of offers on the possibility of acquisition. At the moment, orders for large volumes are rare. But even a kilogram of this wire is ten times more expensive than nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 kt np2. All because of the production technology, the equipment for production above the specified wire is very expensive and the technology itself is the most complicated. Our company is already ready today to accept orders for the production of micron wire 10 microns. So gentlemen, there is already nickel wire DKRNT 0.01 kt np1, corresponding to GOST 2179-75. Wait for your offers.

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