Production of micron wire from nickel ДКРНТ 0.025 КТ НП1, НП2 (GOST 2179-75). Mikronnaja a wire from gold, silver and alloys on their basis of GOST 7222-2014. The wire is bimetallic steel-copper 0.140 mm.

In case of your interest, we are ready to start negotiations and discuss working conditions.

In addition to the production of micron wire, our company also conducts marketing research. If you are interested in becoming our partner and building mutually beneficial cooperation, we will be happy to provide you with any information that you need.
To make an order and buy a wire, just call or send a request. You can also come to our office and get detailed advice.
Our company organizes delivery of micron wire to any regions of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries.

Question answer.
1, Always, first of all ask for the price, nickel wire price?
Answer: Unequivocally this question will not be answered. The price, for wire ДКРНТ, depends on many factors, volume of bought wire, chemical composition of nickel wire (cleanliness), terms and forms of payment. We are always ready to discuss the price with each client individually and come to a consensus, just before signing the verbal arrangements and buying a nickel wire of 0.025. Moderate bargaining is even welcomed, we have been in this market for a long time and can help and advise on the follow-up actions regarding product certification and exportation abroad. The lowest price will be on nickel wire dkrnt 0.025 kt np2 Ni-99.85%, purchase in Moscow certification and chemical analysis (IACG Geredmet Moscow). ДКРНТ 0.025 кт нп1 Ni-99.97% is more expensive three times than wire np2, and np0 is six times more expensive than np2. This price difference is only in the chemical composition of the micron wire 0.025, in quantity, respectively, too (one coil of 250-300 grams is one price and 50 kg is a completely different price). Also the price will be different when you receive the goods abroad.
2. Can I see the presence of micron wire and documents for the goods?
Answer: Yes, it is possible, we have in Moscow in production and in the office always available wire np2, np1 and in excess of pure np0. Please, come to Moscow, we will show everything, you can see something in Germany or in the UAE. For all products, documents are mandatory. The list of necessary documents is discussed with each customer individually during the negotiation process.
3. How long does the transaction take place?
Answer: There are no delays on our part, the goods with the documents were in stock, they talked, discussed the terms, signed the contract, made the payment, everything. 3-4 days of a normal deal, it all depends on the customer. What documents do they need, do they need certificates in his name, accompanying documents. The transaction itself takes place within one day and includes the procedure of recounting and weighing the goods. After the money arrives at the settlement account, the goods and documents registered in the customer's name will be delivered to the customer.
4. Monthly production of nickel wire dkrnt 0.025, from the company?
Answer: Wire np2 can produce any number, but with other np1 or np0, there are restrictions. Production of micron wire np0 Ni-99.99% is troublesome and time-consuming, requiring great physical and material costs. And we always warn customers of such a wire, that mandatory 100% prepayment and a volume of not more than 20 kg. In a month on wire ДКРНТ нп0 Ni-99.99%. It is possible and more if there is a motivation.
5. What documents are issued for the goods?
Answer: All the necessary at the request of the customer, the certificate of origin of the goods, the certificate of quality, the certificate of the chemical composition of the products.
6. What is the minimum purchase lot?
Answer: The minimum batch is one coil, but the coils come with different volume of wound wire. At once we remind, thus the price is inversely proportional to quantity of a bought micron wire. The more you buy, the lower the price - this time. And yet, in the production of certificates issued for a batch of goods, and in one lot there can be from 40 reels to 200. If the lot is broken, the certification of the wire is done on a new one. And this, additional costs.
7. Do we accept bills of exchange, bank guarantees, letters of credit?
Answer: Yes, if our bank accepts and confirms the above forms of payment. Without restrictions we accept payment in any currency or in cash.
8. Is it possible to organize sending to another country?
Answer: Yes. We can arrange the dispatch of wire dkrnt from Russia to any country with certificates of IACC Geredmet or with documents and certificates of IGAS from Germany. We have the experience of sending our products to Europe, China, the UAE and to America.
9. Is there a wire of DKRNT 0.025 kt np0 with a purity of 99.99%?
Answer: Yes, there is. Nickel wire of special purity Ni-99.9981% is produced only by our company, and I'm sorry, it's only made to order and prepaid. We made a small amount of this wire and there are documents confirming these characteristics of the IGAS. Who dealt with IGAS knows that this solid organization and the authoritative, world-renowned expert in the examination of pure metals, the company.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and fulfill your application within the minimum period.

On the Internet we can be found on request: nickel wire np1, nickel wire kt, nickel wire dkrnt. Shorter characters, this is np2 0.025, dkrnt 0.025, dkrnt 0.025, dkrnt 0.025kt np1 or just dkrnt. This abbreviation is interpreted as follows, q is cold-deformed, kr is round, of normal accuracy, and m is solid. More accurate and long requests can be as follows: nickel wire dkrnt 0.025, nickel wire 0.025, nickel wire dkrnt 0.025 kt, nickel wire 0.025 price and nickel wire dkrnt 0.025.


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Микронная никелевая проволока ДКРНТ 0,025 КТ НП1, НП2. Микронная проволока из золота, серебра и сплавов на их основе ГОСТ 7222-2014

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