Our products are micron gold wire 0.025 mm. The main activity of the company is the production of micron wire from nickel, gold, silver and alloys based on them. GOST 7222-2014

Gold wire of our company is widely used in microelectronics. In most cases, the wire is supplied with diameters of 56, 32 and 25 μm, other dimensions and parameters can be made to order. Also, for various welding methods and the buyer's desire, wire with the addition of copper, silver and other metals can be supplied. The diameter tolerance for wire drawing is ± 2%.

LLC "Nanometall Group" offers a micron wire (especially thin) of precious and non-ferrous metals. Gold wire, silver and micron wire on their basis is produced according to GOST 7222-2014 wound in coils.
Our company has the opportunity to produce wire of different diameters and chemical composition, including alloys from gold and silver, gold and platinum, gold and nickel, etc., we will consider the proposals based on the customer's need in the range from 0.1 mm to 0.025 millimeters.
Apply for a micron wire on the letterhead of the company with the company's seal with the requisites of communication, as well as indicate the name of the product, characteristics, volume, company requisites.
The procedure for payment of products (wire): prepayment of 100%, shipment of the goods within 20 working days from the warehouse of our organization.
Payment is possible on an irrevocable, confirmed by our bank, letter of credit. In accordance with the format agreed with our bank. The letter of credit is disclosed before the crossing of the Goods of the border of the Russian Federation. It is possible to deliver special transport from the company's warehouse to the destination.

                            Table-1 Chemical composition of gold and its alloys

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