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Mikronnaya nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 NP2, NP1. GOST 2179-75. Ni-99.9% Production of micron wire from nickel, gold, silver and alloys based on them. GOST 7222-2014.

Products from micron wire

Bimetallic steel-copper wire with a diameter of 0.14 mm.
The breaking strength at stretching corresponds to 4.5 kg.

Special double high-temperature resistant. Characteristics.

Wire micron gold and a wire from alloys on the basis of gold, corresponding GOST 7222-2014

The chemical composition of gold and its alloys. List.

Silver micron wire and silver alloy wire, corresponding to GOST 7222-2014

The chemical composition of silver and its alloys. List.

ДКРНТ 0.025 КТ НП2, НП1 and НП0 micron nickel wire, corresponding to GOST 7179-75

Chemical composition of micron nickel wire NP1

We, the group of companies directly related to NANOMETALL, are engaged in the production and supply of micron wire from gold, silver and nickel wire of DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2 grade with nickel content (Ni 99.85%), nickel wire of DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 with a nickel content (Ni 99.97%) and a wire, super clean, grade DKRNT 0.025 KT NP0 with nickel content, (Ni 99.99%). Only our company makes micron wire of such purity. The content of all impurities, metals and compounds, always associated nickel alloys, is reduced to thousandths (0.001%) as a percentage. Thus, admixtures of iron (Fe), silicon (Si), magnesium (Mg) and copper (Cu), always accompanying nickel of the order of 0.1% each, in the wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP0, there are no more than 0.001%. Of course, and the price for this quality, respectively, the other, higher. Mikronnaja a wire from gold and silver GOST 7222-2014 accordingly qualities of a mark of gold Зл 99,99, Зл 999,9 and Зл 999, a wire from silver marks Ср 99,99, Ср 99,9 and Ср 999. All our production on a micron wire Passes mandatory testing (testing) for compliance with GOST and quantitative content of impurities. As evidenced by the test protocol for the batch of produced wire. The main document confirming the quality of the wire is the chemical composition certificate. In Moscow, such an organization for the chemical analysis of precious, semi-precious and rare-earth metals and issuing a certificate of conformity, is the State Scientific Research and Design Institute of the Red Metal Industry "GIREDMET". This organization is considered authoritative not only in Russia, but also abroad.
All our products are manufactured strictly according to GOST 21 79-75, the buyer, buying nickel wire from us, will not have any trouble with the certification and assessment of the goods (NP2 0.025 or NP1 0.025) abroad even when using it as a financial instrument. Moreover, we are ready to help in this. Mikronnaya wire as it is also called nickel wire, NP2 or nickel wire NP1, because of the thickness of wire NP1 0.025 mm., That is 25 microns. Full name, more precisely the abbreviation for GOST is Nickel wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 or DKRNT 0.025 KT NP2.
In Europe, our products, micron wire, are valued not only as a quality material for the production of electronic equipment, but also as a financial tool for obtaining a certain bank guarantee or opening a credit line for participating in PPP Private Placement Program. Http://www.fintradeppp.com/. For storage and transportation, nickel wire is wound onto plastic coils, the end of the wire is fixed, covered with thick paper and marked. For buyers of our products, a full package of documents is being prepared for exportation abroad. All the goods are accompanied by documents for export abroad and a quality certificate with a specific chemical composition from JSC Giredmet. Those wishing to purchase our products in Germany can offer nickel wire that has been cleared with a full package of documents, including a chemical analysis certificate of the German company IGAS Research, and an estimate of SKR.
The price of such goods will certainly be much higher than when buying from us in Russia. Mikronnuju a nickel wire to buy in Moscow on much more favorably than in Europe. Here is the price, micron wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 with a purity of "99.95" costs twice as much as NP2 with chemical purity "99.5", and wire DKRNT 0.025 KT NP0 with the characteristics "99.99" price is four times more expensive wire NP2. The order of DKRNT wire is as follows: 1- nickel wire НП2 0.025 - 99, 2 - nickel wire НП1 0.025 - 99.9 and the most expensive wire НП0 0.025 - 99.99.

On the Internet we can be found on request: nickel wire np1, nickel wire kt, nickel wire dkrnt. Shorter characters, this is np2 0.025, dkrnt 0.025, dkrnt 0.025, dkrnt 0.025kt np1 or just dkrnt. This abbreviation is interpreted as follows, q is cold-deformed, kr is round, of normal accuracy, and m is solid. More accurate and long requests can be as follows: nickel wire dkrnt 0.025, nickel wire 0.025, nickel wire dkrnt 0.025 kt, nickel wire 0.025 price and nickel wire dkrnt 0.025.


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